Thursday, October 1, 2009

Okay so my adorable shoes arrived Sat. I love them. I tried them on and thought OMG, these are high I am not sure if I can where them all day, so I brought a pair of spares to be safe; so far so good I am still wearing them. :) They are surprisingly wearable, you were right. I lunched with my friend and she LOVED them so I am sending her the web page.
Thanks for the lead on these adorable shoes,
I am going to get another pair soon,
the black flats are something I can’t live without.

Thanks again,
Tine - Costa Mesa, CA

myCATS at NY Fashion Week Sept 2009

myCATS, an eco-friendly shoe company, appeared on the NY Fashion runway when chosen for the Spring 2010 men’s collection by clothing designer Simon Spurr. With a high quality product and an important cause, myCATS shoes made their debut on the runway bringing visibility to their eco-conscious cause. myCATS shoes are hand-made from natural materials with a sole made from jute, a fibrous plant with natural anti-bacterial properties. With every shoe purchase, myCATS plants 10 trees contributing to the global efforts of renewing our planet’s natural resources. Trees not only clean the air we breathe, but also create self-sustained communities by providing shelter, medicine, food, and improving overall rural livelihood. myCATS gives their customers the power to help our planet and people around our world.

Your world. Your shoes.