Saturday, August 7, 2010

Enjoying the Balmy Days of Late Summer...

This gentleman knows how to wear his espadrilles--regular shoes are too hot for this weather, anyways.
For a nighttime look, he can simply throw on a casual blazer to stay warm in the summer breeze.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Men's Espadrilles Are Having a Moment - NY Fashion

NY Fashion
Espadrilles — laceless, rope-soled fabric shoes — are "dominating the men’s category in Europe ... prompting many to predict the trend will reach even further come spring ’11,"says (warns?) WWD. Now, Spain's Maians and France'sRivieras are bringing espadrille collections to this week'sCompass trade show in New York. The style originated in Spain......

Come check out our great & modern selection for men from Barcelona, Spain -

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Step Up 3D Actress Wearing Red Tamariu myCATS espadrilles

myCATS go to Hollywood! From the movie premier of Step Up 3D we found myCATS were also being represented!
Shown here is the Red Tamariu model. One of our best sellers and women every can't stop talking how comfortable is this espadrille wedge shoe.

And as always, Pair of shoe plants pair of trees.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Tree Grows in Haiti

Read how planting trees can help rebuild Haiti. myCATS has planted thousands of trees with the help our of customers who wear our eco-friendly espadrilles & alpargatas for men & women. Learn more at

“Almost all of the country’s problems—natural disasters, food shortages, poverty—can be traced back to rampant deforestation,” says Ethan Budiansky, the Caribbean-programs officer at Trees for the Future, a nonprofit group that is planting thousands of trees in the mountains around Gona├»ves. “So if we want to fix the country, we have to start there.” While there are no panaceas in Haiti, successful reforestation might come close. By absorbing water and holding soil in place, trees can minimize the impact of natural disasters and repair nutrient-poor agricultural lands. An aggressive reforestation campaign would also bring much-needed jobs to the region and, if done correctly, could solve the energy conundrum that led Haitians to cull their forests in the first place. “Planting trees is not just some quaint side project,” says U.N. Development Group chair Helen Clark. “It’s the key to rebuilding the country.”

Read more here:


Friday, July 23, 2010

Million Trees for Michael

Great effort to get more trees planted! And as always, we plant a pair of trees for every purchase from of our eco-friendly espadrilles and alpargatas. Learn more about our efforts at:

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dress down with casual look of men's alpargatas & espadrilles

Men espadrilles worn with a suit? Yes!

We at are constantly looking for fresh ways to mix and match men's espadrilles. With this photo of matching dark espadrilles with a trim fitting suit you can't go wrong. Elegant and proper, yet casual at the same time.
Perfect combination of comfort & style.

Give us a look at myCATS and come see what everyone is talking about with these shoes and learn more about how having low environmental impact shoes is good for our world and how you can plant a pair of trees.
pair of shoes plants pair of trees

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer footwear trend: Espadrilles/Alpargatas

From the FashionBeans blog you can read about these great shoes called alpargatas/espadrilles. And on our website you can find a variety of styles for any occasion:

Begur model - works great by day, but also for night out on the town with touch of style from the leather strap across the top

Sitges model - the ultimate feel good anywhere shoe

Barcelona model - Sturdy canvas wants to be played in.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Espadrilles for men & women - The origin

The espadrille is a traditional flat shoe designed with a canvas or cloth upper and soles made of rope, rubber or crepe. Shoemakers in the Pyrenees region, between Spain and France, first created the espadrille. By tradition, the espadrille had flat soles made of jute or esparto grass, a plant that produces fine, tough strands.

    A Shoe from Spain

  1. The alpargatero was a medieval shoemaker specializing in making the espardenya shoe in the Pyrenees region of northern Spain. They wove the basic material for the shoe sole from tough esparto grass. The alpargatero singed the esparto strands over a hot fire and then braided them to create the shoe. They coated the bottom of the shoe with pitch. A seamstress completed the job of stitching the uppers, made from woven flax, to the sole. Soldiers from Aragon and Catalaonia wore the tough footwear while on campaign.
  2. The Durable Espardenya

  3. The espardenya was inexpensive to make and very durable. The flexible rope soles allowed the shoe to conform to the shape of the foot, which made them extremely comfortable. Men as well as women wore espardenyas, which were ideal for work and travel over rough countryside and on mountain trails. They were suited for the warm summer months, but provided little warmth during the rest of the year.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

How cute is this!

Amazing, sweet lady enjoying our flat espadrilles. These flat espadrilles are eco-friendly, use a natural anti-bacterial so your feet won't stink and the jute sole keeps your feet dry!
Available in many colors.

See for more information.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Men Sitges shoes shown by SPURR at NY Fashion week now come in Beige, Navy Blue, Blue/White Stripes, Red, and Solid & Striped mixed.

Penelope Cruz Espadrilles from the movie Volver

Looking for the espadrilles worn by Penelope Cruz in Volver? We got them and rumor has it that they are the most comfortable shoes ever!

myCATS on vacation to New Orleans. Customer sent us this picture.

Summer is here!

Sunshine is out, Summer is here, and we've got your feet covered with wide selection of wedge or flat espadrille shoes for men & women.

Each shoe is eco-friendly and we plant a pair of trees with every purchase.

You Shop, We Plant Trees
  • A person in the US emits 20 tons of carbon per year
  • One tree absorbs 1 ton of carbon over 40 years
  • 20 trees will offset carbon emissions for one whole year
Win-Win with great, comfortable shoes and plant some trees to offset your carbon emissions!

Be bold in red

Happy customer sent us this photo. Using the red Sitges espadrille shoe. Great shoe for summer time comfort! Many colors to choose from...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gearing up for Spring: Men's Espadrilles

Make sure to check out our selection of men espadrilles & alpargatas.

Spring's almost here--time to shed those boots and sneakers in exchange for something a bit lighter and more versatile. Enter: espadrilles.

Whether you're going for the fresh, crisp look,

Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist

or casual and nonchalant image,

Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist

espadrilles are the shoes of spring--easy to slip on and off and match any outfit or outing: from an al fresco lunch to a nighttime outing.

Get yours now in time for the season!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Deforestation places Haiti at risk of more landslides

Haiti is plagued by widespread deforestation because its poverty-stricken population cuts down trees for fuel. According to the National Geographic, as a result "the destruction of Haiti's natural forests is almost total, making the Caribbean country one of the most deforested in the world."

The canopies of trees serve as buffers to fend off wind and rain, while the roots help keep the soil from shifting--without this vital protection, the country is at risk of even more landslides. Its rapidly depleting forests along with the recent impact of the earthquake heighten this risk.

To read more about the importance of trees and tree planting in a country such as Haiti, check out this link.

Let's all keep the people of Haiti in our prayers...